Christiane Erley

Nephrologist and Intensive Care Physician, St Joseph Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Ms Prof. Dr. Christiane Erley is a nephrologist and intensive care physician. For 16 years, she has been head of one of the largest non-university clinical departments for nephrology in Germany (St. Joseph Hospital Berlin). After studying medicine in Berlin and a doctorate, she worked at the University of Tuebingen from 1989 until March 2004 as an assistant physician, then as a senior physician also in the intensive care unit as well as in nephrology.

She received an appointment as assistant professor at the University of Tuebingen in 1994.

In addition to the speciality recognition for internal medicine in April 1992, she received the additional title of Nephrology in 1995, and in 1995, the additional title of internal intensive care medicine.

From Sept. 2008 to Sept. 2013 she was board member (vice-president) of the German society for Nephrology (DGfN). Her research focuses on contrast-media induced acute renal failure, arterial hypertension, renal function measurements, and dialysis-associated problems.

Within the framework of the university career she also served as head of the nursing school and is engaged in the Women's Committee of the Univ. Tuebingen. She is married and has two children.