Eisen Liang

Interventional Radiologist, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia

Dr Eisen Liang graduated from UNSW in 1988. He received training in diagnostic and interventional radiology in Hong Kong and UK.

Dr Liang is an interventional radiologist with special interest in gynaecological intervention. He performed his first UFE in 1998 and has been performing UFE at Sydney Adventist Hospital since 2007.

He presented the result of first series of UFE on Australian women at the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of the RANZCOG.  The paper has been published in April 2012 ANZJOG. His clinical audit on the efficacy of UAE treating adenomyosis in 117 women was presented in SIR in 2016 and has been accepted for publication in ANZJOG.

Dr Liang has been an interventional radiologist at Sydney Adventist Hospital since 2004. He is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney Medical School.