Haruyuki Takaki

Interventional Radiologist, Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan

Dr. Haruyuki Takaki is an interventional radiologist in Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan. His clinical expertise includes ablation therapy and transarterial therapy for various types of cancers. His research interest varies from basic research to clinical trials. He graduated from the Mie University School of Medicine in 1999, completed his residency in Mie University Hospital and Aichi Cancer Center in Japan. After joining the staff of the Mie University Hospital in 2003, worked as an interventional radiologist and also performed many clinical researches. From 2013, he visited Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City as a visiting investigator and worked in the field of basic research. From 2015, he is working in the Hyogo College of Medicine as clinical interventional radiologist and also managing his own basic research laboratory.