Huei-Lung Liang

Chairman, Department of Radiology, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

Dr Huei-Lung Liang graduated from the National Yang-Ming University in 1984. Upon completing his residency in the department of Radiology at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Dr Liang spent time as a Research Fellow at the interventional section in the Hospital of UCSF, University of Pennsylvania, and at National Osaka University.

Dr Liang is the chairman of the Department of Radiology in Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. His major research interests are in interventional radiology; involving in endovascular therapy for peripheral vascular disease (including arterial and venous occlusive disease and dialysis access dysfunction), as well as interventional oncology (including c-TACE, drug-eluting TACE, SIRT, HAIC and percutaneous tumor ablation). He is also experienced with the percutaneous management of GI tract bleeding and endovascular treatments of porto-mesenteric occlusive disease (including catheter-directed thrombolysis and TIPS).