Jae Hyung Park

Professor of Radiology, Myongji Hospital, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Jae Hyung Park, Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University is one of pioneers of interventional radiology in Korea. Dr. Park introduced and performed many interventional procedures at the first time in Korea including PTBD, biliary stone removal, arterial thrombolysis and TIPS procedures. He reported 1st case of fenestrated stent-graft in patients with Behcet’s patients with aortic aneurysm in JVIR in 1996. Cardiovascular imaging is also his academic interest to report CT aortographic findings of Takayasu arteritis in Radiology. The first congress (APCCVIR) was held in Seoul, Korea, in 1993. Dr. Jae Hyung Park served the meeting as Secretary General, which brought together participants from 22 countries, mostly from the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Park had also co-authored a book entitled Interventional Radiology (English) which was published in 1998. He served as president of Korean Society of Interventional Radiology (1997-1998) and Korean Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (2001-2004)). He severed as organizing chairman for APSCVIR meeting in Seoul in 2010 and as the president of APSCVIR in 2010-2012. He is an Honorary Member of JSR and Corresponding Fellow of SIR. He was honored with Gold medal in APSCVIR meeting in Singapore in 2014.