Lindsay Machan

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Vancouver Hospital, Canada

Lindsay Machan, MD FSIR is an interventional radiologist at the Vancouver Hospital.  After an interventional fellowship with Dr. Joachim Burhenne in Vancouver, Dr. Machan was unable to hold a job, working with Professors David Allison and Sir Andy Adam at the Hammersmith Hospital in London and Stan Cope at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.   A love of hockey and bacon lured him back to the University of British Columbia.


Most of Dr. Machan’s innovations are not used by anyone else. He has issued or in process approximately 140 patents.   In 2006 he shared the Manning Innovation Principle Award for the paclitaxel eluting stent.  In 2010 Dr. Machan cofounded Ikomed Technologies which is developing methods for reducing radiation dose during fluoroscopy with great experimental but distressingly little commercial success.


Dr. Machan is a founding member of the Canadian Interventional Radiology Association and a past president of the Western Angiographic and Interventional Society.    Current areas of active research in basic science include non-straightening angioplasty balloon, radiation reduction by dynamic coning and automated tracking, novel excipients for local delivery of insoluble drugs, and ballistic embolic particles.  Besides being fascinated by medical devices, he exhibits exuberant incompetence at  golf, ice hockey, skiing, and running, and is interested in travel, art, and wine.  He wishes he was taller and knew how to dance.