Mark Coates

MSK Radiologist & Head of Radiology, Christchurch Hospital/University of Otago, MSK Radiologist, Christchurch Radiology Group/Pacific Radiology, Christchurch, New Zealand

Mark has been a full time MSK Radiologist in Christchurch New Zealand since 2000 where he is part-time Christchurch Hospital/University of Otago and head of MSK Radiology and parttime private practice with Christchurch Radiology Group/Pacific radiology.He graduated in medicine from University of Otago (Wellington school of medicine) 1989 in Radiology under the Auckland training program and undertook an MSK Radiology fellowship in Perth Western Australia. He is actively involved in all aspects of diagnostic and interventional MSK radiology especially peripheral/Spinal Bone and soft tissue tumour diagnosis and management. He is part of the NZ branch FRANZCR MSK advisory group, member of the AMSIG executive , current FRANZCR part 2 MSK examiner and member of the NZ Ministry of Health advisory groups on Myeloma and Bone and Soft tissue tumours.