Raman Uberoi

Director of Radiology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK

Dr Raman Uberoi graduated Cambridge University in 1995 and has been a consultant interventional radiologist for over 19 years. He was the clinical lead and director of Radiology at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford from 2003-201 and has published over 120 articles in variety of journals particularly CVIR.

Dr Uberoi has had the privilege to help develop our specialty in many areas and to serve on the following national and international committees:

BJR Deputy Editor 2014-2015
Clinical Radiology Associate editor 2013-2015
BSIR Rules Committee 2002-2004
BSIR Audit and Registries Committee 2006-2008
Chair BSIR Audit and registries Committee 2009
Scientific Programme Committee 2009-2012
Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee 2011
Secretary BSIR 2011-2013
Vice President BSIR 2013-2015
President BSIR 2015- present
Treasurer Royal Society of Medicine Radiology 2008-2015
Vice president Royal Society of Medicine Radiology 2014-2015
President Royal Society of Medicine Radiology 2015-2017
Royal College of Radiologists E Standards Committee 2008-2012
Royal College of Radiologist Faculty Board 2007-2010
Royal College of Radiologists Chairman of the Regional Leads 2005-2012
Royal College of Radiologists Professional Standard Board 2012- present
Chairman of the MBUR IR Section 2015-2017
ECR Interventional Scientific Programme Subcommittee 2011, 2015, 2016
NICE Clinical Guidance Group on PAD
NICE Group for IR Procedures
CIRSE Standards of Practice Task Force and with Professor Lammer and other colleagues produced the CIRSE task force document.
CIRSE Standards of Practice Committee 2005-2007 and 2013-2015 produced Standards on Aortic and Iliac Stenting, SVC stenting, internal iliac artery embolisations, surveillance following EVAR and Gastrostomy.
CIRSE Rules Committee 2009-2011.
EBIR Oral Exam Chairman 2011-2012
EBIR Examination Council. 2012-2015
EBIR Deputy Examination Chairman 2015- present
CIRSE European IR Radiation Standards Task Force Group
Co-chairman of CIRSE 2014 Glasgow
Chairman and Chief Editor of the EBIR Curriculum review
Deputy Editor CVIR 2017- Present

Dr Uberio has been married to Susan for 27 years with two boys, Adam 21 and Jamie 24.