Shinichi Hori

Interventional Radiologist, Institute for Image Guided Therapy, Osaka, Japan

Dr. Shinichi Hori is an interventional radiologist in Institute for Image Guided Therapy that locates nearby Kansai International Airport in Osaka Japan, providing service of interventional oncology for more than 1200 patients in a year.  This institute was originally established for HCC treatment, however, current main malignancies treated here are lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal liver metastases. Dr. Hori had a training of interventional radiology in Osaka University Medical School, and started the basic study of embolic materials in 1988.  He developed a spherical embolic material, HepaSphere, composed by a kind of superabsorbent polymer.  He also developed preshaped microcatheters and some medical devices for interventional radiology. He is currently the director and chief physician of his institute. He is managing seminars for interventional oncology and training young interventional radiologists from south east Asian countries.