Zhiping Yan

Chief physician and Director, Department of Interventional Radiology , Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Dr. Yan got his Bachelor degree in 1984 at Shanghai First Medical College, and his Doctor degree of IR in 1991.  He engaged in  his advanced study of IR from 1997 to 1998 in Dotter Institute.

Dr. Yan has been dedicated to the interventional treatment for tumor and non-tumor diseases.  He was the first in China to carry out the research on Y-90 glass microspheres in treatment of liver cancer in early 1990s. He published his research findings in Acta Radiol and Cancer in 1993. 

Dr. Yan is particularly good at treating portal vein diseases.  He was the first in China to start systemic study on direct intrahepatic portacaval shunt. He invented Endoluminal Brachytherapy of 125I seeds strand to treat malignant tumor, especially portal vein tumor thrombosis.  Besides, he was the first to raise the concept of  “Selective PTBD”.

Dr. Yan is now chief physician and Director of IR Department in Zhongshan hospital.  He is vice chairman of Shanghai IR committee. He is a member of council in Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA), and chairman of Liver Cancer Intervention committee in CACA.